Glorysoft Mission, vision and values


1, Who are we? We are: China's leading semiconductor CIM supplier

This position is mainly due to:

(I) We came from the semiconductor field, and later expanded our business to panel, photovoltaic, PCB and other pan-semiconductors because of semiconductor technology.

(2) We have a large number of semiconductor process, equipment, CIM experts.

(3) 13 years of CIM research and development and practice focusing on semiconductor.

(4) Accumulated a lot of semiconductor technology and best practice experience.

(5) Continuous innovation, with a variety of products do not have the peer, leading the peer.

(VI) The existing scale of more than 300 people, elite continue to join, in this subdivision of the field, far ahead in China.

2, our mission is: make production more intelligent, everywhere


(a) We sincerely love how to make enterprises produce intelligently.

(2) Why not use the word "manufacture" instead of "produce"?

Because at present do factory intelligent manufacturing, actually is the industrial Internet, the future may also do agricultural Internet, agriculture, animal husbandry, forestry, or use "production" is appropriate.

(3) Why not use "wisdom" instead of "intelligence"?

Because the factory to achieve automation, intelligent, is the pursuit of many factories, but really do a good job of intelligent future, the factory should be like people can think, smart. Smart people are not necessarily wise, true wisdom, is the highest pursuit.

3. Our vision is to be the world's leading intelligent production service provider


(1) Originating from China, we hope to connect and exchange with the world through the results of our exploration and practice in China, grow together, become a world leading enterprise, and seek the well-being of mankind.

(2) The world: The development of intelligent production will eventually go global.

(3) Leading: Continue to explore, innovate, create, have unique skills, keep ahead, is our pursuit.

(4) Service providers: We provide software, hardware, consulting and other comprehensive services.

4, our core values are: obsessed with customers, create value for customers, the pursuit of excellence

(I) Obsessed with customers:

Not only wholeheartedly for the customer service, but also to the degree of crazy, customers beat me a thousand times, I treat customers like the first love. Always be in awe and love of your customers.

(2) Create value for customers: All resources are to create value for customers. Departments, projects, and people that do not create value should not exist.

(3) The pursuit of excellence:

The pursuit of obsessed customers, do not set limits, not the most obsessed, only more obsessed; The ultimate pursuit of creating value; Service must have the spirit of ingenuity, excellence.

5, our slogan is: trust and love, create a better future

1. Trust is the basis of cooperation; Love, will be longer; Common, goals, interests of the same; Innovation, innovation, create the future.

6. Our development strategy is to expand from the core

(I) Take high-end semiconductor manufacturing as the core, expand to the pan-semiconductor industry, so that the leading concept and advanced technology, integrate into the specific business of the industry, to help customers improve the digital core competitiveness!

(2) We have entered the pan-semiconductor industry, panel, PCB, photovoltaic, PCBA, semiconductor equipment software.

(3) will enter the LED industry.

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